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Generally, it is being recommended that you should do some basic maintenance of A/C at the beginning of summer and winter.

Make sure that you administer the following 8 checks before switching your wall thermostat to cooling.

  1. Clean your A/C first

If you want to avoid any Air Conditioning Repair, then begin with the cleaning of you A/C with soap and hose.

  1. Inspection of the outdoor unit panels:

Check that none of your panel should be missing or misaligned as itcan develop many potential risks for the operating equipment. If your panel covering is missing the electrical connections then you should call your Air Conditioning Repair service.

  1. Remove the covers of condensers, coil blankets or lids:

If you had covered the outdoor condenser in order to protect it from wintersthen always uncover it, before starting your system.

  1. Replace or repair damaged pipe insulation:

Check the system’s suction pipe and look for any damaged insulation. The insulation should remain intact to keepthe cooling system functional. If you thinkthat your insulation needs a replacement then do contact the Heating and Air Conditioning Company and get it done.

  1. Take off debris from the outdoor coil:

For best performance of your system, take off debris from the coil and its surrounding area. Furthermore, you should always keepyour heat pumps open to letthe air flow to the outdoor unit.

  1. Replace the air filters:

The good time for the replacement of your indoor air filters is the end of the season. You should change your filters before cooling season.

  1. Check the coil of condensate line:

The condensate line should flow to a drain or should fill up the tray and spill water into your basement. Make sure that the line is alignedand attached properly and can drain to the appropriate location.

  1. Clean the vents and return grills:

Carefully check that the return and supply air grills and vents should be open and should not have any debris. You can also use the vacuum to remove accumulated dust or any pet hair.

  1. Turn on your A/C:

After going through the checklist, start the A/C and let the air coming out of the vents for few minutes and if the air is not cool then there must be something wrong. Turn off the system immediately. You should revise the checklist once again and give it a try. If the problem is still there then turn off the system and contacta good HVACt echnician who can do the air conditioning repair. More details in this post: https://www.americanpowerpuller.com/air-conditioner-freezes/

In short, a brief Air Conditioning Repaircan ensuresmooth running of your system throughout  all summer. If you do not have time or skill to do it by yourself then contact any HVAC technician.

Many Heating and Air Conditioning Companies offer licensed HVAC technicianswho can do your spring technical inspection to avoid any damage throughout the year.

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