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Furnace repair can be a very costly expense for home owners and many business owners.  This will normally happen unexpedly in the most unopportune time.  Many times this can cause a great financial strain especially on the unexpecting home owner.  It always seems like it happens when it is really cold outside and your really need your furnace in operating form to keep the inside warm.  Maybe it really isn’t that way, but with most of us that is how it appears.  A breakdown in the coldest part of the winter might be able to be prevented with a regular shedule of maintenance.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

As with any mechanical item, proper maintenance on your HVAC unit, can save you a substantial amount of money and a lot of inconvenience.  As with your automobile, that most people are familiar with, it needs regular scheduled oil changes, tire checks and replacements and grease jobs.  Why would your heating and cooling unit be any different?  There are many simple things that a home or business owner could do themselves to help pro long the life of their unit.  There are also professional companies that offer a maintenance program where they will come to your home or business and do periodical checks on your unit to make use everything is working properly.

What Can You Do To Help?

  • Keep your units’ filters changed on a regular basis
  • Schedule your regular maintenance with a professional
  • If part of your unit is outdoors, keep any debris away from the unit
  • If you unit seems to not be working properly call your service man out today
  • Make sure your thermostat is modern, working and up to date

How Does This Help?

When a unit, just like your automobile, is maintened on a regular basis it will help to prolong the life of it and help you to get more out of your investment.  For you the home or business owner, doing just a few simple little things will help to save you thousands of dollars and a lot of head aches.  Looking at your manufactured suggested filter size and type for your unit, pick these up at your local hardware store.  If your filter in your unit is dirty, it will block the airflow through your unit, keeping your unit from working to its full capacity.

When the airflow is allowed to flow through your unit properly it helps to keep everything working properly and freely.  Not only is this a good idea for your filter but also any part of your unit that is sittting outside.  Make sure that the weeds are kept trimmed away from your unit, along with any trash or debris that could have been blown in by the wind.  This allows again, airflow through your outside unit and helps to keep it from overheating.  But one of the most important things to remember is to schedule your routine maintenance with your Heating and Air Conditioning Company for a long lasting unit.

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