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If you are searching Air Conditioner Repair Las Vegas NV to visit your home or business and repair your air conditioner, you came to the right website because AC Repair Pros is on the top in the AC industry! But if you don’t take our own word for it call us now and see how fast we service you.


STOP the hassles with other air conditioning companies and STOP being overpriced by them.  Rather than losing time as well as money, contact AC repair Pros in Las Vegas a top end business built on reputation and delivering the best affordable rates.


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  • Convenience– You don’t need to get worried AC Repair Pros Will Come fast to service your AC immediately! AC repair Pros is able to check, identify, as well as repair any kind of problems on your air conditioner, providing you with the ability to enjoy the actual comfort and ease while we are servicing your Air conditioner.
  • Much of Our Wide Range of AC Repair Methods! Through simple AC maintenance to some of the most difficult repairs, we’re able to assist you in that area. We offer top-class maintenance for Coil, AC Freon Leak Repairs, Air conditioning unit High Voltage Repairs, Condenser, Capacitor Repair, Air conditioner Compressor Repair, Thermostat Repairs, Replacements, Worn AC Electrical wiring Repair, and much more for all new and old types of Air conditioners and for any model! Go to http://www.jrn.com/ktnv/news/contact-13/call-for-action/Action-News-volunteers-help-family-get-their-AC-fixed-270545291.html for more latest updates.
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  • Our Company offers Speedy Service! Caught with no Air conditioner at home or business? In the event that climate is simply too unbearably hot or cold for everyone, AC Repair Las Vegas Pros can get your current Air conditioning unit back up again to normal temperatures once again utilizing our exceptional repair services, that will make your current AC function once again for the minimum workable period.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning

  •  Reasonably priced Service Cost – Continue to be in control over the price! Offering a cost-effective service is usually our top rated goals. You will also be in charge of your own costs simply because we’ll provide you an estimate as well as a report on items that must be repaired prior to repairing your Air conditioner.
  • Qualified and Honest Air conditioning unit Techs! Your Air conditioner is going to be repaired by certified professional AC Repair techs, which also take great pride in themselves in providing a reputable service. Not like any other AC Repair tech, they won’t include any deficiency for the single purpose of including charges to you.
  • Round-the-Clock AC Repair Pros service! The reality is that AC problems constantly take place at an unforeseen time. When you get caught on the scorching day or during the night without having your Air conditioning unit and you require immediate help, we’ll assist you because we’re dedicated to provide AC repair service 24×7. Not like other businesses, you won’t spend extra charges throughout Saturdays, Sundays, as well as time outside of the normal working hours!
  • 90-Day Warranty Guarantee! Following servicing your current Air conditioning unit and obtaining the payment for your repair, we’ll provide the satisfaction you deserve by giving service and parts warranty for 90 days. In the event the problem re-occurs or even an AC part we changed malfunctions, we will service your AC all over again at no cost!

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  • Free AC Pre-Purchase Assessment! Aside from Air conditioning unit repair and maintenance, AC Repair Pros in Las Vegas also provides assistance on purchasing a great AC. Before you purchase an AC, we could examine your AC and offer you a complete report which can help you determine whether or not to purchase the air conditioning!

We will come to YOU! Air Conditioning Repair Las Vegas will come to help you and complete the cost savings job by not having a costly retail price passed on to you.  It is a win for both of us.

AC Repair Pros in Las Vegas is dedicated to provide 110% total satisfaction to our clients. If you are searching for an excellent AC Repair company to assist you on all your AC needs, then we are undoubtedly your ONLY choice – a business that gives the very best service possible!

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